Angela Magby

I’m originally from upstate New York. But other locations were calling, which is why I attended college in Boston (where I got my Business Management degree—and met my future husband), and then came here to Arizona back in 2005.

In my role as Client Service Coordinator, I bring to Bridge Financial Strategies more than 15 years of experience in the finance industry, with a focus on client service. I’ve also spent six years as Administrative Assistant at a private school, working with faculty, students, and parents, so you can believe that I’m a very patient person, LOL!

My family—including my husband, our two young sons, and our dog Izzy—is an adventurous one. We love to travel. My kids love sports. I enjoy cooking, reading, hiking, and camping. Our favorite charity is Feed Our Starving Children; I especially enjoy seeing how our involvement is helping my sons to grow.